Pinakee Enterprises Commenced its operations in the year 2009. Pinakee is known for Customer Centricity, Quality and Commitment. With a skill laden expertise of a decade in the power generation domain, We, currently, are successfully involved in Supplying and trading a wide range of generator sets, Silent generator sets, Generator Spare Parts, Generator Lubricants, Diesel Generators and Many more.


  • Power Generators: We are dealers of Power Generators, We sell reputed Generators ranging between 5KVa to 1010 KVa from the most modern, fully electronic engines to, more traditional budget friendly options. Following are some of the Important activities carried out in the Sales activity ; Requirement Gathering, Field Inspection, Load Inventory, Analyse & Suggest the Make and Capacity

  • Power Distribution Panels: Pinakee Enterprises is engaged in Selling Of HT (High Tension) and LT (Low Tension) Panels. Panels are manufactured only after analysing the requirement and studying the case. We consider all the safety measures during the analysis

  • Welding Inverters: An Inverter is needed to switch the DC Power to desired voltage. Welding Inverters we deal will be sleek, compact, low weight and portable. At Pinakee, We sell Welding Inverters ranging between 150 Amps to 600 Amps. We sell higher capacity Welding Inverters of 450V for Industrial, Constructional and Cross country Pipeline Projects.
  • We are dealers of portable, weatherproof, noise reducing enclosures for Generators. We study the case and based on the requirement We manufacture custom built Accoustic Enclosures. The walls of the enclosure are insulated with fire retardant foam so as to comply with the 75 dBA at 1mtr sound levels specified by Ministry of Environment & Forest.
  • We are dealers of genuine Generator Spare Parts such as Engine Components, Filters, AVR, AIR Cleaner Piping, Breather Hose, Fuel Injection Pump, Lubricant Oil, Thermostat Housing, Bearings etc.
  • With our aim to satisfy our esteemed clients, we are engaged in offering a wide range of Installation. We install Generators, Power Distrubution Panels, Accoustic Enclosures. These services are rendered on time as per the needs of our clients. The modem of this service provision is to create ease in workshops which depend on these services. We also ensure timely services as per the mutual consent.
  • With the years of experience and expertise, we are involved in offering a qualitative range of Generator Rental services to our customers. These generators can be taken in rental basis for as much time as our customers wants. Monthly rental can be paid by the users. Last but not the least, we are offering these services at nominal rates.
  • To fulfill the needs and demands of our customers, we are involved in offering a wide range of Annual Maintenance Contract. High-tech equipment and latest technologies are being used while offering these services so that there is no error. A team of trained workers and efficient labors offer these services. We ensure timely services to our clients.
  • To fulfill the needs and demands of our customers, we are involved in offering on-call technical support, I.e, Even in cases where there is no maintenance contract with our company, you can receive technical services on-call. A team of trained workers and efficient labors offer these services. We ensure timely services to our clients.
  • The company also reckoned for providing reliable Electrical Inspectorate Approvals.. In exercise of the powers of the Electricity Act 2003, the Government of Karnataka hereby appoints the Chief Electrical Inspector to Govt. of the Department of Electrical Inspectorate, as a Chief Electrical Inspector, to exercise the powers and to perform the functions of the Chief Electrical Inspector in whole of the State of Karnataka. We at Pinakee, help you in getting the approvals after all the procedures such as Inspection, Verification and Certification.
  • Quality Brands

    We carry top quality brands of Diesel Generators.

  • Support

    We provide genuine quality of service and our attention to detail.

  • Fire Insurance

    Insurance:-The Vendor to take necessary insurance protection/polices at his end to cover various risks under the Contract/Purchase Order and applicable laws. Pinakee will assist in getting the same.

  • Transportation

    Handling or Managing Generators Transportation could be one hassle to the buyer, We at Pinakee help you in making this activity easier and as per the Industry standards.

  • Emission Testing

    Material emitted to the air through these sources might be organic, inorganic, solid, liquid or gas. The pollutant emitted can contain many different pollutant materials, which can harm the environment eventually.

According to CPCB, high speed diesel, light diesel oil, low sulphur heavy stock and furnace oil or liquid fuels with equivalent specifications shall be used in generator sets Pinakee helps you understand why D G Emission Monitoring is a step towards sustainable implementation of a healthy environment.